Advertising & Sponsorship

Hurstwood Park League of Friends are inviting businesses to tap into our online circulation at

We are aware that you probably get lots of other organisations trying to get you to part with your money on a daily basis, and most can probably produce fantastic stats and data that show you’ll get a better return on your investment from them than via an advert on our website!

However, we just think this is a good thing to do, as:

(a) ALL the advertising and sponsorship revenue raised is used to fund new equipment and facilities at Hurstwood Park, and
(b) You can participate on various levels financially, and regardless of how much or little you contribute, we can give you great exposure in return.

There are 4 options:

1) You can place a banner advert that appears in the header of every page of our website. We’ll also include a profile of your business on your own page of the Hurstwood Park website, which will be fully optimised for Google and other search engines. The cost for this option is £2,500 per annum.

2) You can place a banner advert in a designated area of the home page for £1,000 pa or 
3) on any other page of the website for £500 pa. 

We’ll also include a profile of your business, as detailed above, at no extra cost, with options 2 or 3.

4) You can be listed as a supporter of Hurstwood Park on our sponsors page for £250 pa. And, we’ll also include a profile of your business, as detailed above, at no extra cost.

There is a fifth way too if none of the above appeal to you. Just make a donation of your choice. Even £25 makes a difference.