Charity Hub Launched

A message from Laura Miller from The Grounded Events Company Ltd.

“Hopefully you all saw the Charity Support Programme document that we sent out the end of last year, in which we mentioned a Charity Hub that we were in the process of developing. We have now finalised the design, layout and initial content for this and I am happy to be able to send you the information and link below.

We have compiled not only important event information that you will all need to know, but also a selection of hints, tips and advice to help guide you through the marathon year should you require that extra support.

The idea is that you can pick and choose what you use and we do encourage you to get in touch should there be anything additional that you would like to see added.

Please note that all important dates and deadlines will be added to the Hub as and when they are confirmed, along with the most common FAQs that we receive throughout the year; please do take the time to check the Hub for any information that you require.

The Charity Hub will only be available through the above link and will not be listed on the website.

Insight Questionnaire
We will be sending you an email in a couple of weeks containing a link to an online survey.

We would very much appreciate it if you were able to take the time to respond to this in an effort to continue to help us develop our charity strategy in line with your requirements, allowing us to understand the various challenges you face and the ways in which we can support you.

This will be with you by mid-June so please do keep an eye out for it!

Best Wishes,


For more information contact Laura Miller
The Grounded Events Company Ltd
DDI: 01273 201264
3rd Floor, Phoenix House, 32 West Street, Brighton, BN1 2RT

May 27, 2015 12:00 am