Sheryl McDonald

Following the sad passing of Brian Gubbin in October of last year, Sheryl McDonald recently took over the role of Chair of the Hurstwood Park League of Friends. 

Sheryl is married with two children and two step children.  She has worked as a medical secretary to one of the Neurosurgeons at Hurstwood Park Hospital for nearly seven years and, prior to that, worked for both neurology and neuropsychology consultants. Hurstwood Park Hospital is the outpatient base for the neurosurgical department since the neurosurgical ward and associated departments moved down to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in 2015 in anticipation of the creation of the Major Trauma Centre.

Sheryl has never done anything like this before but is looking forward to learning on the job and to raise money to continue to help the neurosurgery and neurology departments purchase goods and/or services that are sorely needed but not provided by the Trust.  This is especially important now, since in early 2021 the whole service will be moving to the new build which is currently being built at the front of the hospital. 

Sheryl has been involved with Hurstwood Park Hospital for twelve years and feels very passionate about what she does.  This will be a steep learning curve but one that Sheryl is looking forward to taking on.